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Fabricatorz Foundation and CIC St Louis Break the Makerspace

St. Louis, MO — April 04, 2018 — Fabricatorz Foundation announces a month long residency at CIC St. Louis in the Cortex Innovation District. Located on the ground floor of 4240 Duncan Avenue, the original Art Hack Day: Eclipse event space provided by AB Mauri North America will be transformed into The Breakerspace. Conceived by artist Matt Hope, Breakerspaces are spaces dedicated to artists deconsutructing — or “breaking” — new technology, disruptive innovation, and the status quo. During April, The Breakerspace will began with nothing, and will culminate in an exhibition of new works from contributing artists. Initial artists include Hayden Molinarolo, Maxwell Foley, and Jon Phillips, however the space is open for anyone during the month of April, from 9-5 pm, Monday through Friday.

“CIC has always been about bringing people together to create chance encounters which produce business and technology innovation,” said CIC General Manager, Kim Plank. “The Breakerspace goes beyond. Our support of the residency underlines our belief that innovation comes from creativity and non-traditional thinking. The Breakerspace brings artist and developers together to make radical projects in their own right, and to inspire our current clients on-site at CIC St Louis and people attending Thursday night gatherings at Venture Café St Louis.”

The original makerspace concept allows technologists to have the social space to create new work. Breakerspaces are different. There are no tools or schedules other than the ones participants make ad-hoc, on-the-fly. During the month of April, in addition to standard software and hardware development, other art techniques will be deployed. From building sculptures to projection mapping, blockchain experimentation, and rapid prototyping, the Breakerspace is an experiential collaborative art happening.

“Breaking is the new making,” said co-founder of Fabricatorz Foundation, Jon Phillips. “Taking apart electronics is educational. Deconstruction is healthy and an integral part of creative expansion in an innovator’s palette of choices. For Breakerspace #01, our goal is to ramp up from the beginning of the month, and search the space of possibilities toward a final exhibition on April 26th and 27th, 2018.”

Works slated for creation include: a new #NEWPALMYRA project by Jonathan Hanahan for the Dwell in Other Futures conference (April 27-28, 2018), St. Louis-based, international artist Hayden Molinarolo will create a yet-to-be-named experiential art environment. Other projects include providing assistance for USA passport applications, and building a remote team for the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship. will be a hub for all current works.

“Art is about making work. I joined the Breakerspaces project in order to have a stable daily schedule to make work, and be around other inspiring people,” said Hayden Molinarolo. “It is a big challenge to fit work into office hours and have a big space for constructing installations. Breakerspaces is a chance to break down my art practice. Come break ideas down with me this month, so we can build them back up.”

About Breakerspaces

Breaking down the work of art. Breakerspaces is a movement to create media art residencies around the world, particularly inside tech innovation hubs and office parks. Tech cannot be created without art and art does not work without technology. #Breakerspace01 is the first of many breakerspaces, a residency lasting the entire month of April 2018 at CIC St. Louis in the Cortex Innovation District with open work hours from 9-5 pm, Monday thru Friday.

About Fabricatorz Foundation

Fabricatorz Foundation supports creative technologists with community-focused initiatives that drive innovation through art and technology. The Foundation is made up of a team who have lead projects for Fortune 500 companies, A-list international artists, top museums, galleries, and educational institutions around the world.

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