Breakerspace 01 (STL) Successfully Broke the Work of Art

St. Louis, MO — May 31, 2018

For one month we had access to nearly 4,000 square feet of warehouse space. We launched Breakerspace 01 thanks to the help of CIC St. Louis and AB Mauri as a way to provide artists, musicians, makers, designers, and technologists a space to develop ideas, work, and produce an art and music experience as a climatic end to the temporary space. Here’s a brief recap of the events that unfolded at Breakerspace 01.

  • Studio: Oui.Gallery sponsored Artist Hayden Molinarolo to design ONG visual design, visual production and his own work for the event.
  • Work: Jon Phillips worked in the space for entire month of April, along with Maxwell Foley.
  • Classes: Blockchain, Web development, and Wikipedia editing workshops took place.
  • Art Tech Meetup hosted Honna Veerkamp who runs a VR/digital makerspace in at the St. Louis Public Library, and Foveal media which shared upcoming work and how they take an entrepreneurial approach to their practice.
  • Projects: People offered office hours, Brianna Owens led yoga, and a special performance by sound artist, Drew Gowran.
  • Launches: Fabricatorz Foundation publicly launched at O.N.G., an art and music experience with performances by Mexico City club label, NAAFI, and Saint Louis-based artists, Eric Donte, Deth_bb, Saylor Surkamp and visuals and installations by Hayden Molinarolo, Ann Johnson, Maxwell Foley, Matt Amato, and Josh Harks.
  • People: More than 500 people came through to visit, view, or work out of Breakerspace 01


While Breakerspace 01 has come to a close, the need for a new Breakerspace grows :) The template has been created, any may copy how we did it and increment Breakerspace from 01 on-wards.